Heat Recovery Installations

Heat recovery installations across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London are becoming ever more popular. As the requirements of Building Regulations become ever more stringent to meet the specification of the Sustainable Building Code, the need for Whole House heat Recovery systems is inescapable. The level of air tightness of new buildings requires the ventilation to be managed without the loss of energy normally created by ventilation. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems, sometimes called Whole House Heat Recovery Systems, achieve this task with great efficiency.
The Heat Recovery systems that we design, supply and install achieve heat recovery levels of up to 92% whilst removing the moist air from all wet areas and achieving all of the requirements of Building Regulations part F.
The heat recovery ventilation systems we supply and install eliminate the need for traditional and energy inefficient wall vents. They work by extracting stale moist air from a home’s wet areas (kitchen, toilet, shower room, utility room etc.) and brining it through the MVHR system’s heat exchanger, which warms as the air passes over it and then discharges the waste air to the atmosphere. At the same time, fresh cool air from outside is brought into the MVHR system where it gets warmed and then distributed (via ducting) to the home’s occupied rooms (bedrooms, living room, study, lounge etc.). The result is continuous ventilation with minimum heat loss.
We are fully accredited to commission Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems which means you can receive additional energy efficiency points on your SAP assessment by using the Appendix Q option for accredited installers.
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