Key Installation Details




Low Temperature Heat Pumps
200 litre water cylinders
Low running costs
Reduced emissions


Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps


New Housing Development using Low Temperature Air Source Heat Pumps

This bespoke development of five houses was built in 2009 and wanted to embrace renewable technology for heating the properties. They are a variety of semi detached and detached properties with three and four bedrooms with radiators for heat emitters rather than underfloor which may be considered more typical for this type of property.

Space for the system was a concern with this installation and the water cylinders and the low temperature air source heat pump indoor units are all sited within a typical airing cupboard space, taking up no more space than a typical gas boiler and water cylinder installation.

The properties are occupied by a wide spread of resident types, from families to individual occupiers and the systems provide space heating and hot water for all.