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Low Temperature Heat Pumps
Low running costs
Reduced emissions


Air Source Heat Pumps


Alms House Development using Low Temperature Air Source Heat Pumps

Built in 2009 / 2010 this development is comprised of eighteen accommodation units and a day centre for long term, low cost housing for elderly people in need of support. The project was commissioned by a local Charity in Maidstone to provide affordable accommodation with low running costs.

The outdoor units for the apartments are all mounted on the roof with service ducts connecting all of the apartments to the roof area. This provides a single service area for all of the outdoor units and keeps them away from any of the residents.

Underfloor heating is installed throughout the properties with individual room control supported by a fully weather compensated control system on the heat pump giving the maximum possible economy over the whole heating season.

This development was awarded a National Almshouse Association Patron’s Award 2010 Highly Commended Certificate.