Key Installation Details


Maynards Green


Low Temperature Ground Source Heat Pump
Solar Photovoltaic system
Low running costs
Reduced emissions


Ground Source Heat Pumps

Maynards Green

Refurbished Detatched Property using Low Temperature Ground Source Heat Pump

During 2011 this property was extended and refurbished to provide a comfortable, energy efficient home. The ground source heat pump system is installed in an external plant room with the hot water cylinder and buffer tank.

The hot water is provided by a tank in tank system which overcomes the reheat lag time that can sometimes be experienced with heat pump supported hot water.

The horizontal ground loop collectors were installed as four two hundred metre linked to a single manifold back to the heat pump.

Underfloor heating is installed throughout the property with individual room control supported by a fully weather compensated control system on the heat pump giving the maximum possible economy over the whole heating season.

A new barn has been constructed which locates a 4kw Solar Photovoltaic panel system which further reduces the running costs of this property.