Key Installation Details




High Temperature Heat Pump
300 litre buffer cylinder
2 x 500 litre water cylinders
Cost reduction approximately £4400 pa
Carbon reduction 6346 kg pa


Ground Source Heat Pumps, Swimming Pool Heating


Health Club using High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump

The owners of the health club had been considering the use of renewable technologies as they had high running costs due to heating all of the hot water for the swimming pool showers using electricity and heating the pool and its surrounding area using oil. Low temperature Ground Source heat pumps had been considered but this also meant changing the pool heating and ventilation system to match the lower heat output. Other considerations were that the pool is used for teaching babies to swim and is heated to thirty two degrees and that high levels of hot water are needed at peak times for showering.

Two high temperature heat pumps were selected for this project, coupled together using a three hundred litre buffer tank and two five hundred litre water cylinders. The existing pool heating and ventilation system was retained as it was compatible with the higher temperatures of these heat pumps.

The water cylinders and pool system and fed directly from the buffer tank ensuring that there is never a shortage of hot water and that the pool and the surrounding area are always at the correct temperature.