The EU have potentially introduced an import tax on Solar PV panlels from China following complaints from European manufacturers concerning unfair competition on pricing. An investigation is to take place regarding this which could lead to a retrospective tax being placed upon any imports made after the announcement until the annouvement of the findings of the investigation. The following statement was released regarding this:


“EU member states have approved a request from European PV producers to register solar panels imported from China, reports Reuters, citing unnamed EU diplomats. The registration procedure, implemented as part of the European Commission’s antidumping investigation into imports of Chinese solar cells and modules, allows for retroactive application of antidumping duties. The diplomats did not say when registration would begin. The Commission would not confirm that the registration procedure has been approved, but it did confirm that SolarWorld-led PV producers association EU ProSun has requested that modules and cells from China be subject to registration. The Commission told PHOTON that is was consulting with member states on the possibility of registration, but it said details of such consultations must be kept confidential by law until published in the EU’s official journal. EU Trade Spokesman John Clancy further explained: »Registration of imports of a certain product in trade defense procedures is nothing out of the ordinary. It simply allows the industry concerned to mark a reference date so that there can be an option for retroactive measures if the case concludes in their favor. This type of registration is automatic in trade defense actions in other major trade partners – whereas in Europe it has to be requested by the industry. So let’s not interpret this as suggesting anything – it is simply administrative procedure.« Registration of imports allows for retroactive application of antidumping duties for a maximum of 90 days before the imposition of provisional duties, if any. In the case of the antidumping investigation into Chinese solar imports, the deadline for the decision to impose provisional antidumping duties is June 6, 2013. The Commission expects to conclude the antidumping investigation in December 2013. Earlier this week, economic research institute Prognos AG released a report in which estimates that antidumping and/or countervailing duties at any level on Chinese solar products imported into the EU would lead to an overall decrease in demand for solar products. This, Prognos said, would lead to significant job losses in Europe and less value added along the entire European PV value chain.”