Ground Source Heat Pumps

What is a Ground Source Heat Pump?

ground source heat pump
A Ground Source Heat Pump is a device that takes low grade energy from the ground and converts it into useable heat that you can use to heat your property or water.
Ground Source Heat Pumps can be highly efficient as they may only use a quarter of the electrical energy compared to the amount of heat energy they create.
Ground Source Heat Pumps can be used in a large range of applications but are mainly suited to new build and refurbishment using underfloor heating or correctly designed radiators. They offer running costs of up to 70% below traditional systems enabling you to never worry about turning down the heating to save money and then sitting in a cool room.
Ground Source Heat Pumps work by collecting energy from your garden or land and moving it into your home / property. Even when the weather is freezing outside a Ground Source Heat Pump will still keep your property warm and comfortable. Because it is moving energy rather than creating it by burning gas or oil, the system is more efficient and doesn’t produce any local emissions.
We offer a full design and installation service for Ground Source Heat Pumps all over Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and London, starting from an initial site survey, full heat load calculations, provision of a fully specified quotation and then installation and handover plus any ongoing maintenance requirements.
As Ground Source Heat Pump installers we manage all of these stages to ensure minimal disruption. We are full members of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association and work to its standards of membership.
– Reduced running costs of up to 60%
– No local carbon emissions
– No system Flue
– Convert to a mains fed water system
– Range of applications to offer a flexible install
– Incentives & grants available

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