Heat Pump Health Check

Do you have a heat pump, of any manufacture, taking care of your needs and are too busy to worry that you may not have hot water at the turn of a tap, or that your heating system may fail when you need it most?

If so, a ‘Heat Pump Health Check’ carried out by our qualified engineers is the perfect way to make sure everything is as it should be with your renewable technology system. Whether it be a ground source, or air source heat pump, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to ensure it will run as efficiently as it possibly can.

Discover the performance status of your equipment and apply today for our Heat Pump Health Check from just £150 including VAT!

What is included in our Heat Pump Health Check?

  • We will CHECK all wiring connections that are accessible.
  • We will CHECK all accessible refrigeration connections.
  • We will CHECK your Condenser (outdoor unit) is not obstructed and is allowing adequate airflow.
  • We will CHECK the Compressor(s) of your system is(are) in good working order.
  • We will CHECK your System’s internal and/or external pumps.
  • We will RECOMMEND any works required and ADVISE ways to help your Heat Pump run more efficiently in the future.

Should labour time exceed an additional 30 minutes outside of the Heat Pump Health Check, or replacement parts and/or additional works be required, these will be chargeable and a price given.

Additional costs will not be incurred or work carried out without the express written permission of the homeowner/person responsible. We aim to resolve issues as quickly as possible, aided by emailed authorisation but subject to availability of parts.

A simple health check of your renewable technology system gives you peace of mind. Better efficiency makes for better economy, saving you time and money over the lifetime of your equipment.

Thereafter, we would invite you to take advantage of the annual servicing and maintenance options that The Fuel Effect has to offer; something your original installer may not have offered, or perhaps you hadn’t considered before but now worry where to turn if something were to go wrong.

We very much look forward to being able to be of service to you.

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