Air Source Heat Pumps

What are Air Source Heat Pumps

An Air Source Heat Pump takes low grade energy from the air and converts it into useable heat that we can use to heat water or your property…
Air Source Heat Pumps offer running costs of up to 60% below traditional systems enabling you to heat your home for less with no local emissions into the environment. Air Source Heat Pumps can be fitted in place of an existing boiler very easily.
We offer a full design and installation service for Air Source Heat Pumps. We start with an initial site survey, calculating full heat load to determine system size, suitability and feasibility. We can then provide a fully specified quotation whilst remaining on hand to answer any questions you might have. We will then cover installation and handover plus any ongoing maintenance requirements needed for your system.

What are the different types of Air Source Pumps

Low Temperature Split system

The Fuel Effect can install your renewable technology!
The most conventional of air source heat pump systems is the split system.
This system consists of an external fan unit, an internal hydro box unit, a hot water cylinder with expansion vessel and a buffer vessel for the heating circuit.
The external fan unit and internal hydro box are connected via refrigeration lines. This system would be most suited to new build properties or when retrofitting.


Low Temperature Monobloc

When there are internal space constraints an Air Source Heat Pump Monobloc system offers a perfect solution as it combines all the main hydraulic components found within the hydro box in a single outdoor unit. The system simply plugs into the house using water pipework between the unit outdoors and the hot water cylinder and buffer vessel internally.

Daikin Altherma High Temperature

The High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump unit is ideal for retrofitting into existing properties that are typically older in age and harder to insulate to higher levels. Running at the higher temperature could allow for less/if any changes to the current radiator system.



Air Source Heat Pump Key Benefits:
– Reduced running costs of up to 60%
– No local carbon emissions
– No system flue
– Convert to a mains fed water system
– Range of applications to offer a flexible install
– Incentives & grants available

We offer a full design and installation service for Air Source Heat Pumps.
For a free design and quotation please call or email us now.

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