Underfloor Heating Installations

A correctly designed underfloor heating system can offer the following:
– Reduced running costs
– Higher efficiency through lower running temperature
– Complete comfort from toe to head
– Zoned areas for maximum comfort, efficiency and control

If incorrectly designed underfloor heating systems can:
– Increase running costs
– Lower efficiency due to higher running temperature
– Cause cold spots within a room
– Cause inefficiency and poor comfort with rooms heated when they shouldn’t be

As a company we design, install and maintain underfloor heating systems. Typically these will be alongside an air source heat pump or ground source heat pump but can also be installed independently to run alongside another heating system.

We design systems on a room by room basis taking allowances for all potential heat losses, insulation and floor coverings. This then allows us to advise you accordingly and ensure we design your system to run at the lowest flow temperature throughout to make your system as efficient and cost saving as possible.

If you are interested in underfloor heating installations across Kent, Sussex, Surrey or London, then contact us now to make your enquiry.

Heat Recovery Installations

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