As a company we look to handle all aspects of the installation for you, whether that be:
– Plumbing works
– Electrical works
– Gas works
Sometimes there are more specialist requirements such as bore hole drilling where we would outsource, though we will always maintain a presence to ensure all works are carried out to our own high standards.

New Build

Before starting work we will ensure you are aware of any requirements we have, what work will need to be carried out and at what stage of the build this will need to take place. This will ensure that your chosen technology install will run as smoothly as possible.
We will always ensure we work with you to ensure timescales and requirements are considered so that we are in keeping with your needs.
All of our works are signed off against the appropriate building standards.

Retrofit Installation

Retrofit installs can be perceived as a difficult process. Our knowledge and experience will take away any perceived problems you think you might encounter.
We work to ensure that your existing system stays in place as long as possible up to the point of system changeover, meaning a minimal, if not nil, interruption to the heating and hot water requirements of the property.
Our detailed pre-installation survey ensures that there are no surprises throughout the installation process.
All our works are signed off against the appropriate building standards.
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Grants & Incentives

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