Solar Photovoltaic Panels

What are Solar Photovoltaic Panels?

Solar Photovoltaic panels can provide an income as well as free electricity and still represent a safe and ongoing investment opportunity that compares very well to others available within the UK today.
Any electricity that is generated and used within the home / property reduces the electricity bill as it avoids electricity being purchased from your energy provider. Homeowners / commercial property owners also have the opportunity to sign up to schemes with their chosen energy suppliers which will see benefit of selling back any surplus electricity that is generated.
Any building with a structurally strong roof, or a wall facing south, southeast, or southwest, is suitable for installation, providing there are no obvious obstructions to the path of light. However, even a roof that is shaded for part of the day is still suitable but will have a decreased output.
The tariffs for Solar Photovoltaic systems are typically reviewed annually by energy suppliers.
A solar battery storage system can be the perfect accompaniment to a solar panel array.
It can further allow the opportunity to utilise the electricity that has been generated. Click here to read about the Tesla Powerwall.
Some manufacturers of battery storage systems also work alongside energy providers, meaning that electricity can be purchased (via the battery storage manufacturer) at a lower price per kW rate.
– Reduced carbon footprint dependent upon level of generation
– Reduced electricity bills dependent upon level of generation
– Protection against future price increases

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